I was raised in a “dog” family.  My Father had bred and shown German Shepherds, so it was only
natural for me to grow up loving dogs.  After high school, my first job was a vet assistant.  I had my
own little apartment but no dog.  I wanted a dog that fit the apartment better then a Shepherd.  When
a breeder walked into the clinic with a litter of longhair Dachshunds, I knew I had found the dog I
was looking for.  I purchased my first Dachshund, “WinStar’s Midnight Tryst”, and that began a life
long love story.

I have belonged to the National Miniature Dachshund Club for years and work hard to follow their
guidelines.  I do not breed just to produce a litter.  My goal is to produce puppies that meet the
standard and are sound in body and mind.  Not all puppies can go on to the show ring but when
one of my puppies goes to a pet home, I want it to be an outstanding example of the Dachshund

When you have been breeding for as many years as I have, you will have loved and lost more then
one dog.  Fourteen to fifteen years just is not long enough.  When you lose that special one, you say
“that’s it, I am quitting.”  It is just to hard to lose one.  Then a puppy will run up to you, tail going,
look you in the eyes with that “I love you sooo much” look and so the love story continues.
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